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Don't Walk By

The University is keen to ensure that staff and students who see something they think is dangerous have an effective method they can easily use to promptly report it.

Don't be discouraged from reporting by the thought that someone has already reported the matter. Better several reports and the job done once than no report and several accidents.

The University has well-established procedures for reporting hazards and accidents including near-misses. Staff should be aware of these procedures and use them as far as is possible.

However a report of anything you see that appears unsafe on any Campus may be made by using the Facilities Helpline 222.

Alternative methods of reporting:-

  • by phone to the Health and Safety Team (internal 82596 / external 0117 3282596)
  • by e-mail (
  • in person to Main Reception or your Faculty/Campus Reception

In an emergency you should report to Frenchay East Reception using the internal emergency telephone number 9999.


Whatever route you choose




Page last updated Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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