Women's Forum

This page is no longer being updated.

See the Women's Staff Forum page on the new staff intranet.


About Us

We are a group of women who are interested in the experiences of women at UWE and we get involved with the University Equality and Diversity Forum to try to further Gender Equality here. Progress has been made but we know that women continue to suffer gender discrimination in the workplace.

UWE's staff are on a journey to promote equality for all. Many of the Women's Forum members also belong to the other staff networks, including the forums for Disabled, BME and LGBT staff. Some of our members are alumni and they often raise gender issues from a wider perspective.

We also aim to be a support network, so that women across the institution can support each other. If you have been affected by these issues, please don't feel alone. Do contact us if you require advice on who to turn to, or just want to talk in confidence to one or two of us about your experiences.

This is not a Forum just for academics; all women are encouraged to join. We have members from most roles in the University but we know we are still not reaching all women and hope to address this with this updated website.

It is hoped to increase opportunities for us to meet informally as a group, over a 'bring or buy your own lunch', at the Hewlett Packard restaurant or other venue, in the next academic year.

If you want to receive email updates from the Women's Forum, please email: womensforum@uwe.ac.uk. Please note membership is confidential.

Meetings and Informal Lunches

The Women's Forum plans to hold formal and informal meetings on a regular basis. For details and dates, please visit the Women's Forum Meetings page.

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