Staff Networks

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See the Staff Networks page on the new staff intranet.


The University welcomes and supports the development of staff networks.

Staff networks are run by staff for staff and bring together people from all faculties, departments and services who identify with a group relating to one of the University's six equality strands (gender, race, disability, age, faith and sexual orientation).

Staff networks fulfill various functions including providing opportunities for social interaction, peer support and personal development. Staff networks can also contribute to the development of University policies and working practices.

UWE recognises the value of self organised groups in creating an environment that respects the diversity of staff and enables them to derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in the life of the University. Employees are entitled to attend meetings of staff networks related to protected characteristics in their working time up to 15 hours a year (pro rata for part-time staff). We aim to support these networks by:

  • Encouraging managers to release employees to participate in them
  • Promoting the networks to new and existing employees
  • Listening constructively to any employee concerns raised through the staff networks
  • Taking part in initiatives developed by the staff networks

Staff networks meeting dates

Please contact the network to find out their meeting dates.

Existing networks at UWE

Please follow the links below for information about existing staff networks:

Getting involved

If you are interested in getting involved in these networks, please email or contact the networks directly.

If you would like advice on setting up a new staff network, please contact Valerie Russell Emmott, Equality and Diversity Manager.

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