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Health and Safety Training

Establishing needs for health and safety training

To support Faculties and Services in developing health and safety competence in their staff the University has a Health and Safety Training Programme.

The Health & Safety Training programme identifies training which is both Statutory and Mandatory for staff to attend. Statutory training is classified as training which is a legal requirement under health & safety law. Whereas, mandatory training is defined as training which is a requirement of the University.

The University’s Health and Safety Training Programme ensures that:-

  • The training needs analysis of staff groups has been identified and is targeted accordingly – clearly identifying those to which mandatory attendance is required.
  • The identification of the frequency for refresher training, and the method of delivery e.g. face to face, e-Learning, cascade training etc.
  • All training courses are supported by course descriptors to provide sufficient information to delegates in terms of course aim and objectives.
  • All courses are evaluated so as to continually improve and identify health & safety training need, value, and effectiveness.

Faculties or Services will ensure that:-

  • Arrangements are in place for any specialised training which is outside the scope of this central Health & Safety Training Programme. For example, specialist training in the safe use of dangerous machinery, the safe use of ladders and step ladders, and the safe use and handling of gas cylinders.

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