EU staff network

This page is no longer being updated.

See the EU Staff Network page on the new staff intranet.

We would like to invite any staff working at UWE interested in networking with staff originated from EU countries to join UWE EU staff network.

The network is set up by non UK staff in order to informally meet fellow countrymen/women of the country of birth and meet non UK staff from other EU countries.

We share our journeys in coming to the UK, settling into living in the UK, working for UWE and live in Bristol. We network and/or we will discuss the University’s policies and practices with the aim of creating or keeping an inclusive workplace. We can also share information about events that have an EU theme or share useful information. But is also very much a UWE network: it is very useful to meet staff from other faculties or services to understand more of the work they are doing.

We usually meet once a month over lunch and discuss themes or just meet informally. We also can also plan some activities: e.g. we had an EU bake off, in which we shared a number of signature cakes of different EU countries.

We have created a Yammer group to be able to share thoughts and information.

If you are interested in being a part of the network, please send an email to We will then send you further details.

We look forward hearing from you.

EU Network for Staff

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