Dr Charlotte Crofts

UWE Learning and Teaching Associate Fellow

Charlotte Crofts

ACE: Department of Arts - Senior Lecturer: Film Studies and Video Production

Charlotte is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies and Video Production and currently teaches 'critical practice' modules within the Film Studies programmes. In these modules students have an opportunity to explore film through making films, drawing on the BFI’s Film: 21st Century Literacy strategy, which integrates the "3 Cs": Critical Viewing, Cultural Access and Creative Practice, with an additional focus on Professional Practice, both as a key to understanding industry structures and to improving graduate employability. She wants to make links with local schools about sharing best teaching practice and the value of teaching film in the context of the BFI’s new "Film: C21st Literacy" framework.

Staff Profile: www.uwe.ac.uk/cahe/arts/aboutus/staff/charlottecrofts
Contact Charlotte: charlotte.crofts@uwe.ac.uk

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