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myUWE Portal Awareness


Please note that there are no pre-requisites to attend this workshop.

Who Is The Course Aimed At?

The course is aimed at all staff, particularly those who have day-to-day contact with students and who have an interest in understanding what myUWE is and how students use it.  It may be especially helpful to academic and administrative staff who have a responsibility for student administration and for maintaining the student record.  For example, teaching staff, ISIS administrators, student advisers and reception staff.

What Will You Take Away From The Course?

After attending the workshop you will understand:

  • what myUWE is and how it relates to the University's practices;
  • what a student can see and do in myUWE;
  • what a member of staff can see and do in myUWE;
  • how myUWE impacts on the student record and the associated administrative processes;
  • how to use certain aspects of the staff portal.

How Is The Course Delivered?

The session will comprise a presentation of myUWE and a demonstration of the current functionality available.  The workshop aspect of the session will take the form of a more focused look at the myUWE channels that have an impact on student administration and the management of the student record.  The audience will be given the opportunity to influence the content of the workshop, according to the collective requirements.  For example, time can be focused on one particular aspect of myUWE functionality if there is a collective interest to do so.

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